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Project Description

Hungarian Handball Day – concept developing

Presenting a sport outside of its comfort zone.


On the first weekend of May 2017 Budapest hosted the EHF Women’s Champions League FINAL4.

To promote the event, get more fans for the sport and introduce the different of handball disciplines – e.g. indoor handball, beach handball – to the public, the Hungarian Handball Federation wanted to organize a full-day event.


Developing the concept of a multi-pitch event on Heroes’ Square, the largest and most symbolic square in Budapest ensured a spectacular showcase of handball.

All age groups were able to try handball, and found activities and entertainment.

Games by juniors, legends and professionals satisfied even the most avid fans.

Fan engegement
Sponsorship activity


With thousands participating the Hungarian Handball Day was a big success and fans were ready for the EHF Women’s Champions League FINAL4. To be continued…